Download the wallet for your operating system

Protect your wallet now with a strong password. To do this, select the “Encrypt wallet” option under the “Settings” menu item. Then create a backup of your LitecoinCash Core Wallet. To do this, click on the menu item “File” and then on “Wallet backup copy…”. Save the file to a clean USB stick* or an Read More

Litecoin Cash | Buy & Sell, Free Coins, Wallet and Mining

In the first part of Litecoin Cash (LCC) the project and the developers were presented. This section shows you where to buy and sell Litecoin Cash, how to set up the Litecoin Cash Wallet and how to get your free LCC. Note: At Yobit the price for an LCC is higher than at other exchanges. Read More

Ripple – Classification as a security?

The securities question due to Ripples XRP is developing rather slowly and has still not been resolved. The community is eager to know if Ripple is actually classified as a security or not. As the situation around Ethereum and Bitcoin is clear, one can only hope that more information about Ripple will be available in Read More

Ethos Coin – The universal and secure wallet

The goal of Ethos Coin Development is a crypto currency that can be used by the masses and gives everyone access to the global financial system at any time. The block chain behind the coin is also intended to serve as a platform for social media, while the wallet of the ethos crypto currency functions Read More